jason queen

jason queen

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First Name * jason
Last Name * queen
Username * RogueWolf
Country * USA
City Wayne
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Games Computer
Preferred Tools PhotoshopCompositingCharactersConcept art


Availability: Freelance
Website www.roguewolfstudios.com/


RogueWolf, my native alias. Numerous years I walked the design world of the corporate realms. A wolf lost in the pack of advertising and industry giants. Wisdom was gained. Experience was obtained. My creative spirit though was of my own. This was something I would not part with. "It's harder than it seems, When you're told that, All your hopes and dreams
Are yours to hold if You just give them What's expected
Something they can sell, Put upon a shelf, But I am not for sale
I am not for sale" - Hoobastank

and so I became a Rogue Wolf disappearing into the wilderness of my imagination and creativity. Here I remain. Illustrator, painter, graphic designer, performance artist and photographer, I am known by many titles. "I am an artist, I cannot seperate me from my art, it is all I have ever been and all I will ever be." - Larry Elmore

In a little valley, in a little county, in the dark depths of West Virginia lives an artist with a big imagination. Here resides L. Jason Queen with his wife, two children and his paint brushes somewhere lost between the world of reality and science fiction. Jason currently works as an illustrator but has vast experience as a graphic artist and photographer. Having worked in various arenas and industries as a professional artist Jason contains a unique set of skills and approach to the art of design and illustration. Jason gained his education in the graphic arts at Marshall University of Huntington West Virginia. Here he had the honor of studying with esteemed artists such as Peter Massing, Mary Grassell, Robert Rowe and his painting mentor Stanley Sporny. After earning a B.F.A. in graphic design he then returned to earn an M.A. of painting and illustration under the mentoring wisdom and guidance of Stanley Sporney.

"I'm not sarcastic I just have a heightened sense of irony." - Stanley Sporny